Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get Lost!: At the Zoo

Next time the kids are driving you nuts or you're just antsy to get out of the house, why not make a stop at the nearest zoo? (You can even threaten to leave the kids in the monkey house if they really start to get on your nerves!) Check out the Association of Zoos and Aquariums website to find a zoo near you!

The local zoo also makes for a great "stay-cation" this summer if the travel budget is a little tight. Don't forget to bring along the digital camera to capture some great shots of the exotic animals you're sure to come across. Go ahead and get inspired by the bright colors and bold patterns you see reflected in feathers, fur coats, and hides of the animals you encounter. Find your favorite pattern or color combo and let it inspire your next scrapbook page, homemade card, knitted afghan, or painted piece of furniture. Don't stop there. Let it also inspire your wardrobe and home decor too!

My personal favorite are the jewel-toned colors of the peacock. It's inspired me to work in peacock blue as an accent color in my living room. We already have sage green and dark brown in there. I can't wait to get a house of our own and paint an accent wall in Largo Teal from Benjamin Moore or Bosporus from Sherwin Williams. Throw in a few coordinating photo frames, candlesticks, and toss pillows, and you have a regal, nature-inspired living space.

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