Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's Feisty Feast: Picnic Pita Pockets

Great for ball games, summer luncheons, or an afternoon at the zoo! A refreshing twist on the summer sandwich, these delicious pita pockets are a snap to create! Purchase your favorite variety of pita pockets from your local grocer or make them from scratch like I do. Check out Bernice Hunt's "Great Natural Breads Made Easy" for a simple recipe. I substitute one cup of whole wheat flour for a more robust flavor and additional nutrients. Then choose a filling recipe from below or create your own!

Mamma Mia Mediterranean Pocket

(Makes 8 Pockets)
8 Pita Pockets
8 oz. Feta Cheese
3 oz. Cream Cheese (Hint: Philadelphia makes a brick in this size if you don't want leftovers)
20-30 Kalamata Olives, sliced
4 Roma Tomatoes, sliced
1 Bell Pepper (any color), sliced long and thin
2 cups Shredded Lettuce

In a small bowl, combine feta cheese and cream cheese to make a paste. Spread a thin layer of cheeses on the inside of a pita pocket. Layer in the lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers, stuffing the ingredients into the pocket. Sprinkle with sliced olives and top off with a crumble or two of extra feta cheese. Repeat with the remaining pockets.

Pocket Size BLT
(Makes 8 Pockets)
8 Pita Pockets
1/2 lb. Bacon, cooked and cut into 3 inch strips
4 Roma Tomatoes, thinly sliced
Romaine Lettuce, torn into 3 inch strips
Miracle Whip, optional

Spread a thin layer of Miracle Whip on the inside of the pita pocket (Optional). Layer in the strips of lettuce, tomato slices, and bacon strips. Serve with lemonade, potato chips, potato salad, or your favorite summer side dishes.

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