Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get Lost!: At the Farmer's Market

Gorgeous sunny days and enthralling summer thunderstorms mean only one thing: ideal weather for perfecting produce. And the best place to purchase the best local produce is at your local farmer's market.
You'd be surprised at the bounty of goods available at most farmer's markets. Sure, fresh fruits and veggies are expected, but anything from fresh baked goods to locally produced honey and honey-made products are usually available for purchase. Even gourmet dog treats and hand milled goats milk soap can be purchased at farmer's markets!
Although its a bit early in the season for most fruit and vegetable delights, check out for harvest times in your area. My boyfriend can't wait for the local sweet bell pepper harvest to ripen. We're already collecting recipes to try out with the freshest local ingredients available. I encourage you to let the fruits and veggies of the season inspire your next menu. Not only is it cheaper to purchase produce when its in season, but you're also supporting the local economy and you're providing your family with a healthier, fresher option.
or some simply yummy recipe ideas, several reads are now on the market specifically written with the farmer's market shopper in mind. We've been going green and saving a little money by using some of the titles available at our local library. Better Homes and Gardens has a few older books available, but one book I'd love to get my hands on is "Fresh from the Farmer's Market" by Janet Fletcher. Some of the reviews on Amazon claim her recipes are a little too restrantry and sophisticated, but I'd love to read what shopping tips she provides.

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