Monday, June 28, 2010

Crafty Quick Fix: Picture-Perfect Chalkboard

I'm one of those overly-organized people who write everything down lest she forgets. Post-it notes, To-do lists, and magazine clippings can be found all over the house, in my purse, on my fridge, all over my desk... Sometimes those little reminders just aren't enough. They get buried or get lost and you're stuck at the grocery store trying to remember those three silly items you came there to get! This Picture-Perfect Chalkboard helps remedy those pesky situations. Now that quick grocery list stares you in the face every time you walk by this beautiful work of art. It also works as a functional yet funky Family Message Board. Jot a love note to your sweetie, or remind him to take out the trash!



lways on the lookout for ways to re-use thrift store finds, I crafted this simple project out of a $2 frame. After removing the glass, I stripped the varnished and stained wood with this helpful new product I found: Citristrip. According to the manufacturer, this stripping product is safer to use and better for the environment because it lacks the harsh chemicals other strippers depend on. I also personally recommend Citristrip because it's gel form makes simple work out of stripping and provides excellent coverage on raised surfaces like the beveled frame I re-purposed. After two coats of "Aladdin's Wish" paint from Hardware Hank, and a quick coat of chalkboard spray paint from Krylon on a piece of paneling cut to the size of the frame, you're all set to assemble a fabulous new place to jot down your daily reminders!

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