Saturday, April 25, 2009

Apple Pizza Pie

Ever the happy homemaker and ever the eager experimenter, I found a fab recipe for Apple Pizza Pie from King Arthur Flour. My boyfriend's favorite dessert is Apple Pie and I haven't quite gotten up the nerve to learn how to make a traditional apple pie, so I settled on this little recipe. Since I'm not sure about copyright infringement on recipes, y'all are just gonna have to email me or call me for this one. King Arthur Flour has graciously posted the recipe for the yummy crust used in this recipe on their website here.

Before & After Photos

I made this for Jason to take along to a meeting at work this week and it was a big success! And Jason's assured me I can make it for him anytime! I used Macintosh Apples for this recipe, it's our favorite. This could be served drizzled with caramel sauce (yum!) or coupled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! And keeping with Wisconsin legal tradition, one could even serve it with cheese... Check out this article from the Wisconsin Law Journal. It used to be illegal for Wisconsin restaurants to serve apple pie without cheese! Ya gotta love the Dairy State!

And I can't wait to go Apple Picking this Fall! Imagine how even yummier this recipe could be with fresh Wisconsin apples! Jason's mouth is already watering.

Stayed tuned for the results of our very first blog contest!

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