Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feathering Our Nest with Love: Part 3 a.k.a. Playin' with Power!

As you can see from the above snapshots, we’ve started work on the much anticipated headboard! We picked up as many of our supplies from Habitat for Humanity Restore as possible. That awesome paneled door was a mere 25 cents! Jay gladly used his new toys to cut the door to a size we need (roughly 60 inches for a queen size bed). The door is a standard 36” wide door. We’re using two 4x4’s (5 feet in length) as the legs for our headboard. We splurged a little bit on the shelf portion of our headboard, spending $50 at the Restore. It’s a quality, unfinished piece that would have easily retailed at $175+ if we had purchased it anywhere else.

We’re keeping with the color scheme established by the dressers we’re refinishing. Pittsburgh Paints has a stunning collection of colors that inspired us. The two colors we’ve chosen to complement each other in our new bedroom are Aqua Bay, a greenish-teal inspired by the sea, and Bamboo, a delicate cream with a splash of honeyed green tea color. Both colors appear in their “Serene” Ultimate Style Collection available at Menard’s. In contrast to our dressers, Bamboo will be the primary color of this piece, with the striking Aqua Bay serving as an unexpected pop of color in very calculated places. But first the ever laborious task of priming!

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