Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feathering Our Nest With Love: Part 4 Wax On!

My patient waiting for the mailman paid off! Check out that incredible finish on our dresser! Late last week I ordered a tin of Briwax Wood Wax from their North American Mid-west Distributor. This English product, endorsed by Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England herself, is made from a blend of real beeswax and carnauba wax. According to the product’s North American website, “Briwax is designed to protect raw wood and can be applied to virtually any existing finish. Use Briwax on all woods, untreated leather, marble, concrete, metal and painted surfaces.” After priming and applying two coats of Pittsburgh Paint Ultra in Aqua Bay, I used fine grit sandpaper to distress the drawers, concentrating on corners and edges that routinely receive typical wear ‘n’ tear.

I then applied a thin coat of Original Briwax in Dark Brown to the dresser drawer, using a soft cloth. You can see the difference between a Briwax-treated drawer and an untreated drawer in the first image. (Click on the image for a larger view) Notice the aged look this gives the drawer and the weathered appearance it invokes. Difficult to believe years and years of weathering and discoloring could happen in less than 5 minutes!

After waxing all four drawers, I added “new” hardware. Both the knobs and drawer pulls were purchased at various Habitat for Humanity Restores throughout the state. The knobs were sold 8 for $1.75 (that’s $0.22 each!) and the drawer pulls were $0.50 each and still in their original packaging! Awesome deals! Awesome way to reduce and reuse and support an amazing cause!

The victim of an over-active imagination, I wanted to add a special touch to the top of our dressers that would retain the casual look of the dressers but update them with a hint of elegance. A broad border in Aqua Bay on the Bamboo painted top of the dresser was the perfect touch! (The above photo was taken before the top was sanded and wax.) This broad border was made using a ruler, a pencil, masking tape, and a fine painter’s brush. The masking tape provided a straight yet feathered edge to my border, perfect for that imperfect hand-painted look.

After sanding and waxing the body of the dresser and installing it in Jay’s closet in our bedroom, the impressive results speak for themselves.

Jay and I were both so impressed at my handiwork that we can’t wait to paint our second dresser and finish our headboard using the same techniques! It will be the first time either of us will have matching bedroom furniture! The days of hand-me-down furniture aren’t gone, they’re just Bri-waxed to a perfect polish! Yay!

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