Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Softie: "Owl In My Pocket"

I felt my inaugural attempt at blogging should be about my inaugural attempt at softie making! Nicknamed "Owl in My Pocket" due to it's miniature size, this creation is hand sewn with love and epitomizes my novice-ness at softie making. He's stuffed with cotton balls! (I've since upgraded to bamboo stuffing, rest assured you other craft-a-holics!) Brown felt was used for the body and goldenrod felt for the beak and feet. Embroidery floss was used to attach the beak and feet, to embroider eyes and wings, and to sew "Owl in My Pocket" together.
Designed from my own pattern, elements were kept pretty basic. A lot of guess and check work went into the details, as I am a perfectionist!
Check back for more of my recent exploits including more softies, homemade
cards, baked goods, and more!

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